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An ancient Chinese manufacturer that only focuses on the export of thermal paper

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Happe International Limited

Since its establishment in 2005, Happe Paper has always been a company focused on the Thermal Receipt paper rolls ( Thermal paper). The production types of Happe Paper cover a wide range of products, from thermal paper raw material coating to label silicone coating, paper and label printing, die cutting, slitting to different surface treatment sizes. Our products are not only exported to Europe, but also include countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Among them, the representatives of Saudi Arabia and Nigeria marked the recognition of Happe paper in the international market. In addition, we export tens of thousands of tons of bread rolls and foldable shipping labels to the United States and Australia every year. For thermal paper, 100% thermal paper rolls produced in our Thailand factory are exclusively for the US market. Happe Paper helps customers quickly gain greater market share. Happe International Limited will continue to lead the development of the thermal paper industry.0

Our Our following excellent foreign trade salespersons will dock with you about the import and export cooperation of thermal paper

Email : Karen@happepaper.com

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